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Zeta Orfanou

Zeta Orfanou was born in 1988 in Thessaloniki where she lived until she was fifteen. She spent her teenage years studying Design and Marketing in Valencia, Spain. Growing up in a liberal society, well-traveled but also free-spirited – she says – she decided to take up writing by taking her first amateur steps on the global Wattpad platform.

She has attended several psychology seminars enhancing her knowledge of human psychosynthesis. A happy mother and husband, she continues to do what she loves every day – to write, leaving her own messages and giving the reading public her own vision of life through the adventures of her heroes.

Her books were loved by a large portion of the public on the online platform and are what gave her the impetus to spread her wings in the publishing space.

Zeta Orfanou promises to take us on a journey to a universe where anything is possible. Drama, love, adventure, adorned with metaphysical notes, will soon bring to the shelves of your library her first work, entitled “Some day”.


Email: Zeta-o@hotmail.com

Facebook: Zeta Orfanou


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