Submission of projects
If you would like to submit your work to MARADEL BOOKS Publications for evaluation, we would like to inform you about the following:

You can send your project by e-mail to, for the Evaluation Department along with a summary of your project and a CV and contact details.
Copyright should be protected.
Your project will be evaluated and we will send you a reply e-mail on whether it meets the printed book publication data within three months.
The creator must be over eighteen years old
Minimum number of A4 pages should be 150 pages, TimesNewRoman font, size 12, spacing 1.5.
Novels (contemporary literature, romantic literature, youth literature, children’s literature, psychological thrillers, social, detective, adventure, metaphysical, fantasy) collections of short stories, novels, self-improvement are accepted.
Fairy tales are accepted only illustrated.
Poetry collections are accepted under special conditions.

Department of creative writing and proofreading
MARADEL BOOKS, inaugurating the new department of creative writing and proofreading, addresses every new creator who wants to promote the perfection of his work. The new experienced team of curators and proofreaders in collaboration with the author always work exclusively on the text of the latter. For more details send an email to to the creative writing and proofreading department.