What a wonderful feeling it is to read books that help the mind escape … You are isolated from everyone and live in another world. I think that even if I write about this book I will do it wrong. Surprisingly amazing. Writing and plot that keeps you captive – from the first page to the last. Despite its huge volume, it does not expand anywhere, with a lot of depth in the characters and their feelings. George and Nefeli are love, they are love, they are the couple that will be discussed a lot and will be unforgettable like some others !! I will not stop anywhere except in an excerpt of the book. Open your eyes, look at the one who loves you … he dies for you. I opened my eyes and at that moment I felt like the piece that was always missing from my life, found its place on me and stuck. I would take an oath that I heard a click.

You recommend, UNCONDITIONALLY! The circle will close before the sun sets. Here in this place where I met you … “ Twenty-three-year-old Nefeli, a child of a single-parent family, lives a quiet and predictable life. Invisibility is her friend and insecurities are her daily companions. She did not feel beautiful and did not believe that she could attract the attention of men for this and did not wait for love to ever enter her own heart. Until that day comes and her addict knocks on the door. Her mother’s decision to marry her employer, Andrea Markaki, suddenly brings new faces and unexpected changes to Nefeli’s life. He knows Andreas’s daughter, the kind-hearted and generous Elena and through their relationship Nefeli unexpectedly experiences brotherly love. However, her path is fatal, she crosses with her father’s son George and there the most catalytic and irreversible upheaval of her life awaits her. Giorgis Markakis is the type of man who never goes unnoticed. His strength, intelligence, beauty and wealth are the weapons that ignite his arrogant and self-centered character. The moment his unquenchable hatred for the woman he considers responsible for the loss of his mother, confronts him with the erotic passion that blooms inside him for her daughter, then the battle becomes explosive. Two diametrically opposed characters. Two different worlds. A fierce and forbidden love that transcends the limits of logic. Hate, passion and hidden secrets, come face to face with the duty to protect those we love. Some say that the truth redeems. But there are some truths that are better left buried forever in the oblivion of the past.

Opinion: Lena Papanikolaou

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