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Despina Marantouxana enters the field of writing dynamically after a long absence. from The Game of Life! A book completely different from its first but just as powerful! Joseph Makridis – Marianna Petridou, the best men of George and Nefeli and their first episodic meeting! At least Joseph and I will remember her forever! They meet again after five years, when the harsh conditions of life force them to come closer to protect their underage niece Ioanna, since their brothers have passed away. Joseph, a hero completely restrained in emotions and sparing in words, has always learned to go his own way. He knows where he is, he knows what he hates, he knows what he wants from life and he claims it with determination! He fights with dark demons that devour his soul, full of hidden emotions, which his excessive selfishness does not allow to flourish..He knows how to hide very well … The image he projects to the outside? Creepily cold without a trace of emotion .. Creepily hard without a trace of remorse .. Red cloth for him Marianna Petridi, since her brother is gone, has transferred all his hatred and all his cruelty to her. Comet Marian invades like a storm in his life … Girl from the western suburbs, stubborn, irreconcilable impulsive, rebellious! Marianna with her strong presence, gives color to the colorless and monotonous life of Joseph! .. He manages to drop without any difficulty his favorite saying: “I drive, You follow” and to mutate it with: “Tell me that you want me and I will blow everything up. >>

Selfishness, Insecurity and Fear of life bring to the surface their worst selves. The shadows of the past that stand above them are very heavy. Trying to weave veils of protection, other times to cover their feelings and other times to protect the people they love, insurmountable obstacles are created that bring absolute misery. Hard targeted words, leave wounds to bleed!

The game of life - Despina Marantou - Viewpoint

The game of life – Despina Marantou – ViewIntense tightness in the chest, through a coldness that reaches the limits of hostility, until the time comes for their redemption! “I promised myself I would never cry for you.” “I do not want you to cry for me anymore. I want to erase what has hurt you and make you happy. Will you leave me? Me, you, our Ioanna and the children we will have. My baby? >> “Do you love me Marianna?” “Very much!” I loved Marianna and I loved the lonely Joseph, through his thoughts I was able to justify him for everything. ..I experienced with them their laughter, their pain, their rejection and their frantic love when through a chain of shocking events they managed to find absolute happiness through a game of life! The course of the story I loved is: << I WANT TO FUCK THE SISTER OF THE ONE WHO FUCKED MY FAMILY >> Those of you who have not read K. Marantou’s first work will be good to start with “The Game of Life” and continue with “Truth does not always redeem” which is in fact the continuation of the story! At the end of the book, Giorgis and Nefeli also make a passage, so that we do not forget! Ready to catch George again and see again all my favorite heroes and the magical course of their journey from the beginning!

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