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Series: Underworld

Authors: Lila Kissa-Frangomichalou, Maria Keroglou

Illustrator: Lila Kissa-Frangomichalou

Genre: Illustrated Fantasy Novel

Published by: Angel Eyes fantasy art (June 2021)

Pages: 444

ISBN: 978-618-85021-1-6

A Fantastic novel by two Greek authors that deals with the subject of gynecology.

Summary from the back cover:

Azrael, one of the Archangels of death, serves the Ruling Order by collecting the souls of the dead. His task is to lead them to the afterlife fields that suit them. But the Archangel secretly deviates from dogmatic rules. And together with his old companions from the Circle of the Sacred Female, he remains faithful to an ancient oath: "All those who have done evil will always be punished."
Four secret missions of the team of Israel reveal the true work of the Circle through time. From Asenovgrad in London and from Konitsa to Juarez, tortured souls of women are urging justice. Asia, Martha and Mary Jane, Edona and Cecilia who are murdered, are just some of the women who deny the Light and the posthumous Forgetfulness offered by Azrael. The rage that rages in their souls, threatens to turn them into bloodthirsty elements. The Archangel has no choice but to keep them close to him and make them Immortal.
But who exactly are Azrael and his companions? And what ancient crimes of the Twelve Dynasties, which then went unpunished, led to the creation of their Circle? How was the terrible guardian-demon of Styx, the punisher of criminals, born? And who is that beloved whom the Archangel has sought for centuries among mortal women?

The great witch Hecate has prophesied that the cruel world of humans will begin to change with the return of the Sacred Female. And the addict of the Circle is the restoration of the goddess…