Pulse - Alexandros Kontogiorgis


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Author: Alexandros Kontogiorgis

Dimension: 21 × 14

Pages: 316

ISBN: 978-618-5585-06-8
Another to live, another to feel alive.
The Pulse you hold in your hands is not a book that has a beginning and an end. Is
every single soul that blooms and evolves with Truth and Consciousness. Is
voice of Self-Improvement and the spiritual touch of our intangible existence. The Pulse
is everything that leads us to recognize our mistakes and through them to
paint with deeds an everyday life full of Creation. The Pulse is one
philosophical effort, which started through social media (facebook) and since then
The lives of thousands of people have changed course for the better and more substantially
side of Life.
By activating the Pulse in thoughts, words and deeds, you will be able to
gain the mental bliss deprived of toxicity, loss and
The Pulse is You!
Let's try to find some light inside us. And where will it go…? A little light I, a little light you,
the world may eventually be able to change.
Where there is love, there is a darkness that awaits.
Take care.