My Truth - Dionysis Velonakis


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Author: Dionysios Velonakis

Published: January 2018

Pages: 160

ISBN: 978-618-82654-4-8


How many truths are there? Can they be shared and molded?

No matter how simplistic the questions may seem and their obvious answers, however, it is indisputable that everyone experiences their own truth.

“My truth” enters a dream and travels with a space-time capsule to demonstrate that the individual truths are the selective delusion of controlled consciousnesses. She turns her attention to the uninvited authorities and likes her genuine zealots who have taken care to get to know themselves first. It attempts to awaken memories and irritate emotions by revealing the secrets that are in the innermost parts of the soul. That is, where insecurity, imitation, servitude, self-cancellation operate. But that is where respect, dignity, selflessness and parsimony are found.

In this inner mosaic is therefore sought the Lord who interprets and determines our choices. If this Lord is our own then there are many possibilities to find the truth.

Ἄν ὄχι … Καλή ἀνάγνωση.