Fight it- Sia Vener


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Title: Fight it

Author: Sia Wenner

Pages: 428

Isbn: 978-618-5585-01-3

Published: July 2021

Category: Romantic


When Carol and Anthony decide to live together, Alina chooses to follow her aunt, the woman who raised her, to her new home.

Anthony’s son Matt is immersed in a routine that does not involve emotions. This routine is meant to be broken with the arrival of Alina.

As Alina and Matt struggle against each other’s feelings, Matt’s mother decides to show up after years claiming what she thinks she deserves. At the same time, Alina’s ghosts return more alive than ever, endangering both herself and everyone standing next to her. I wanted him here, but I could not tell him.

“He wanted me there, but he could not manage me. It was a vicious circle that would never stop.”