Dream Beggars - Elsa Magganari


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Author: Elsa Magganari

Published: March 2017

Pages: 608

ISBN: 978-618-82654-2-4


Three stories, three women, so different and at the same time so same, require the dream of absolute love.

The curtain opens with the renaissance figure of Jocasta. Born at the end of the 19th century, she enjoys the benefits of an era overflowing with romance and chivalry. However, suffocating, trapped within inaccessible walls of propriety. She faithfully follows the signs of her heart. She knows the influence of love and becomes her priestess voluntarily.

A few decades later, Marina is called upon to defend the viability of the supreme emotion, facing the difficult conditions of World War II vigorously. He unhesitatingly embraces the power of destiny. It seals the end of its own story.

The modern heroine, Eva, paid dearly for the supposed happiness. Frustrated, she closes the doors tightly to any visitor, covered with the cloak of love. He ignores, however, that the universe has already chosen the one who has the only key.

The subversive, unexpected end brings about the cleansing of a perpetual beginning.