Damn Rhodes - Book 1 - Christina Michelaki


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PAGES: 440

ISBN: 978-618-82654-8-6

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die at the hands of someone you love? How would you feel as the knife was inserted deeper into the wound? What emotions would pass through his eyes as you would cool down in his arms?

Until a few minutes ago, I had no idea. Now, as life left my body, I wished I had never experienced it.

Until a few months ago none of this would have happened if I had listened to my instinct and made a different choice. Maybe I was still here, alive. My heart would beat rhythmically, sending blood to every part of my body and my skin would receive the warmth of the hot midday sun. None of this would have happened if I had not known him.

The one who was to be my life.

My destruction.

And my death … ”

Erisa Carmir Blatt, a strange vampire, will cross the gates of the Black Rhodes Institute for the first time. There she will discover very late, that nothing is as it seems and that danger lurks at every step. Secrets, lies, intrigues but also hidden truths, will destroy the world that until now knew.


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