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Title: Angel Eyes Book II The Path

Author: Lila Kissa-Frangomichalou

Genre: Illustrated Fantasy Novel

ISBN: 978-618-82595-2-2

Book series: Angel eyes

Number of Pages: 576

Dimensions: 14 × 21

Writing Language: Greek

Year of Publication: 2017
Book summary

The "Daughter" returns with the mysterious gift… In the past, she was always protected by the "Guards". Now it is her turn to support them. When victory goes hand in hand with the danger of death, eternal adversaries are forced into intolerable alliance. Devastating secrets and fears, passions, sins and forbidden loves shake heroes… And while old and new friends and enemies take their places for battle, Amoria can no longer afford to remain weak. He will fight to defend all those he loves. There is no going back for any of them anymore. On the path they have chosen, they will balance or crash…
Against the backdrop of the imaginary medieval manor of Brinn and at the same time the vast stellar field, the already complicated life of Amoria of Alerio continues with more and more unpredictable developments. And the appearance of an unknown and extremely dangerous enemy, who acts proficiently hidden in the shadows, shakes even more the fragile psychology of the heroes. The girl's guards will be forced to ally, while her loved ones are faced with their own syndromes and temptation. Why would Roman be the target of a stellar attack?
Who will be revealed to be the true demonic supernatural of St.? Will Michos in love be able to maintain the brilliance of his angelic soul? And what role will Mara and Eloise be called to play? Ancient elements and demons, shapes and unicorns, the white tree of the city of Raquaea but also a mysterious boy who does not grow up make the adventures of Amoria even more magical and demanding for its age. At the end of her sharp path, should she finally choose a human life? Is it her destiny to renounce her 'Eye' and her Prisons forever?
"Book I: Prisoners" in 2016 opened our 'angelic eyes' and made us love his characters. Now they are coming back to us and inviting us to walk with them to "Book II: The Path". Let's indulge in their bizarre spells through the enchanting sequel to the illustrated fantasy novel "Angel Eyes".
The book belongs to the series "Angel Eyes", which is the first and only illustrated novel of fiction in this area in Greek.
The plot is based on the eponymous dream world inspired by the author-illustrator and unfolds simultaneously in the physical and astral dimensions, with characters both human and alien.
Contains 75 original images designed by the creator with influence from the Japanese manga / anime style, as well as a fanart appendix.
The first part, "Angel Eyes Book I: Prisoners", was released in June 2016 and enchanted the reading public, especially teenagers and young adults, and was even named best seller.
The series "Angel Eyes" will continue with three more books: 'Destination', 'Silver Priestess' and 'Beyond the Stars'.