Title: Angel Eyes Book I Guardians

Author: Lila Kissa-Frangomichalou

ISBN: 978-618-82595-1-5

Genre: Illustrated Fantasy Novel

Number of Pages: 528

Dimensions: 14 × 21

Writing Language: Greek

Year of Publication: 2016

Book summary
In the medieval Balkans, magical practices and popular beliefs are still alive in people's lives. It is in this environment that Amoria is born, a girl-witch who has the gift of seeing the alien world. She has an eye mark on her body. The women of her family had it before her and they were all called 'Daughters'. The girl as a real 'daughter' from birth is constantly accompanied by a guardian angel, the imposing Michos, and they are desperately and completely forbidden in love with him. And when she later meets a boy who touches her heart, Roman, the situation becomes even more complicated.
Micho will taste jealousy for the first time, and a shadowy 'voice' inside him will start torturing him in order to decide to claim the girl for himself. He is none other than the demon Sent, who now free from his angelic jailer appears during Amoria's adolescence as her dark protector, and soon becomes her stellar mentor and lover.
Teaching her to travel in the astral dimensions, he will seek to lead her to truths above the established. Doctrine and knowledge are once again in fierce confrontation and another eternal archetypal battle between Light and Darkness begins. Two opposing forces with a common feature. Both Micho and St. love Amoria and she loves them just as much. Would it ever be possible for an angel and a demon to walk together for the sake of their love for this 'daughter'?
And which path should the confused girl choose? Which one is it? The favorite of the tangible and kind-hearted Roman? The witch of the demon St., who seeks the truth of her very existence? Or is it the fatal 'Daughter' that will make the dogmatic Micho fall from the heavens for the sake of Eros?
The book is the first illustrated fantasy novel of this size in Greece and contains over 60 original images designed by the author herself. The epic series of fictional literature "Angel Eyes" will continue with four more books: 'The Path', 'Destination', 'Silver Priestess' and 'Beyond the Stars'.

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