A little more sex, please


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Title: A little more sex, please

Author: Voula Gemisi

Dimension: 21×14

Pages: 260

Isbn: 978-618-84578-2-9

Published: 19 December 2019

Category: Romantic, humorous


“I am Laura, the strange, dreamy and romantic friend you would like to have.”

Everything in her life seems boring and the playful Laura, who tends to describe herself as a “cartoon”, completely reconsiders, when she finally meets Orestes “Her”. This frown will disturb her daily life from the very first day of their meeting.

“I live alone and work in a job that does not express me, but I have to do it to survive. Everything seems boring and monotonous, until one morning I meet my new neighbor … every woman’s dream, my Orestes “.

Living a platonic love affair with him, a quest game begins, which will bring to light all its hidden insecurities.

“Yes, I confess … It is a thunderous love, which on the one hand gives meaning to my monotonous life, but on the other hand brings to the surface all my hidden insecurities.”

She decides, undoes, changes her mind again, until she follows a one-way street, which makes her famous through a page on the internet. Her blog “A little more sex, please”, becomes a pole of attraction for hundreds of followers who seek her advice.
Theory is always safer than practice in Laura’s life. Will she be able to follow the advice she gives to others in her own life? Will he manage to approach Orestes?

Christmas becomes the greatest miracles and in them … is love too!

“I speak to you and I want you as my ally in every crazy thought, in every thought of mine, because, girlfriend, I am sure that I will never succeed without you!”