A Breath (book 2) "The Treaty broke ... The War began" Mary Sgourou


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A Breath II “The Treaty broke … The War began”

(A Breath- Barcelona Series) ® ©

Author: Mary Sgourou

Dimension: 21×14

Pages: 784

ISBN: 978-618-5585-00-6

Book 2


After the last tragedy, some things take a different turn, while others seem to remain the same. Two people are taking separate paths, two others are fighting to unite them, while for some more, fate will again play a decisive role. The past follows, it is here, no one escapes the truth. Loves, secrets and passions, fatally come to the surface. Two groups come face to face, each with different rules, moral laws and hidden secrets. But they demand the same thing: Revenge and, of course, victory. Interests conflict, subvert everything and determine the future. What will happen when you are forced to become something other than what you have learned to be for years? How do you handle an enemy when you know exactly who it is? When revenge becomes the goal, you are forced to change your nature, because it is a fact: The Treaty broke … The War has begun!

Everyone is involved … No one will come out of this conflict intact!

ΠιοThe most versatile novel, which captivated hundreds of readers and created a fanatical audience, comes to emphasize that nothing happens by chance. With over 60 parallel stories, it breaks the record of the most populous novel in characters and the largest series of books in Greece. Full of passions, mystery, intrigue and upheaval, One Breath was the first place in a global application, in its category, for 12 months, with over 130,000 comments in total – a record for the Greek data.

Category: Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Drama,

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