A Breath (book 1) "Can you live without Breath?" Mary Sgourou


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A Breath I “Can You Live Without Breath?”

(A Breath- Barcelona Series) ® ©

Author: Mary Sgourou

Dimension: 21×14

Pages: 694

ISBN: 978-618-84578-5-0

Book 1. (Period A ‘)

(Part A ‘) Summary:

Alkis meets Danae during his vacation in Paris. Their love is thunderous from the first minute, but their steps are quickly separated as Danae disappears from his life without any excuse. And yet, fate has other plans and after eight months, he meets her again in Athens, as he could never have imagined. As the wife of his uncle, Telemachus. And then, a battle begins between reason and the heart. What will prevail?

Their acquaintance, however, becomes the occasion for hundreds of secrets to come to the surface.

Lives that unite, demons that wake up … Everything is undone and everything is overthrown!

Living a paranoia, between lies, intrigues and secrets, everyone is trying to get … A Breath!

It all starts here … no one knows how it will end.

The most versatile novel, which has captivated hundreds of readers and created a fanatical audience, comes to emphasize that nothing happens by chance. With over 60 parallel stories, it breaks the record of the most populous novel in characters and the largest series of books in Greece. Full of passions, mystery, intrigue and upheaval, One Breath was the first place in a global application, in its category, for 12 months, with over 130,000 comments in total – a record for the Greek data.

“This is not a simple love story, so … do not rush to conclusions!”

First edition July 15, 2020!

Category: Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Drama,


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