A Breath (book 4) "Everything is negated and everything is overturned" Mary Sgourou


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A Breath IV “Everything is negated and everything is overturned”

(One Breath- Barcelona Series) ®©

Author: Mary Sgourou

Dimension: 21×14

Pages: 752

ISBN: 978-618-5585-05-1

Book 4


A Breath IV

“Everything is negated and everything is overturned”

Everything is a decision. A bloody decision, a choice… They, too, are forced to
to choose war.
But war is not the same for everyone. Some fight for the heart, others for
victory and others because they cannot extricate themselves from their hatred.
The countdown began. The circles close.
Two Groups, same hatred… Who will prevail? Who will win?

The final batch. Urges all the pawns of the chessboard to enter the game and
to take part. But the question is who will make the best moves. Who
it will look faster, more effective.
The biggest pawn on the chessboard is not always the King!
But fate always lurks, its blows are nonstop and the new ones
stories that come to light, bring subversion.

The Finale of the First Period of the biggest Greek series will give a
epilogue that no one expects. Because, everything is negated and everything is overturned… here
and now!
“I don’t guarantee you victory, but you have to want to win”