A Breath (book 3) "Truth or War?" Mary Sgourou


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A Breath III "Truth or War?"

(A Breath- Barcelona Series) ® ©

Author: Mary Sgourou

Dimension: 21x14

Pages: 754

ISBN: 978-618-5585-03-7

Book 3

"What do you choose?" The truth or the war? "

Alkis is now faced with truths that will turn everything upside down again
what he knew, as long as Peter refuses to accept his own reality. The enemies
but they lurk, Telemachus continues unabated his dirty game in
those standing in front of him.
At the same time, the two Groups are called upon to comply with the new data
but also to strengthen the game… with new players.
Developments are coming fast, bringing new alliances and forcing the pawns to
change position on the chessboard.
Upheavals, new truths that do not stop being revealed… The puzzle
grows… Masks fall…
Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? Who should you believe?
"What do you choose?" The Truth or the War? "
"A war brings the truth, as we have seen, but so can the truth
to bring war ".
"So? What do you choose? "
"I do not know. The result is what will count ".

Category: Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Drama,

1st Edition December 15, 2021