The season for Maradel Books closes with the first part of the addictive book series, The Varangos – “in the shadow of duty”, by the author Elena Stamou.

A historical romantic series, independent stories, that comes to fix you. Gerard, Enrich, Alexios, Angus and Stellan are the five soldiers of the Varangian Guard who will travel to distant Byzantium and give you mixed feelings.

In the first part “in the shadow of duty”, you will love Gerard, the arrogant Varangos, who in Alima’s eyes, the #duty to serve the purposes he considers destined, will be replaced by the #lust for the forbidden and will be irrevocably handed over to another task. This to faithfully serve his #love.


961 AD Crete

Alima does not imagine that saving the life of a half-dead mercenary from the North, a Varangos, she would tie her fate once and for all to his own. Trying to fulfill his obligation, Gerard becomes her shadow. Her independent nature and restless spirit fascinate him but also bring him to his limits. The sense of duty is confronted with emotions that come unintentionally but also from a strong need to subdue it and make it completely and irrevocably his own. From Chandakas in Crete to the Fjords of the North, the journey is long and many things can happen, especially when there is a fiery love behind the task.

Who are the Varangians or Varangios guard?

Crete was part of the Byzantine Empire until 823 AD, when it fell into the hands of the Saracens, who arrived in a hurry from Spain. Despite the repeated attempts of the Byzantines to retake the island, Crete remains in the hands of the Saracens and is used as a base for pirates. The capital of the Caliphate is Chandakas (today’s Heraklion), while the Christians are oppressed and gradually forced to leave the island.

Varangi or Varangios Guard

Varangi or Varangios Guard

In 960 AD Nikiforos Fokas, future emperor, attempts to reconquer Crete. At his side is the Varangio Guard, a select corps of mercenaries mainly from Scandinavia, which functions as the bodyguard of the Byzantine Emperor. The “barbarians from Thule”, as they were called, were known for their devotion to the Emperor, their bravery, their impressive physical beauty, but also for their love of drink and women.

After fierce battles and the massacre of two hundred thousand Arabs, Crete again passed into the hands of the Byzantines in March 961 AD. until 1204, when it passed into the hands of the Venetians.

From the prologue of the book

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* The Varangians – In the shadow of duty

* Author: Elena Stamou

* Released from July 18, 2019.

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