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Mary Sgourou

Mary Sgourou was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete and from a very young age she was won over by music and artistic activities. With studies in harmonium, vocals and painting, still young, she was involved in singing and has in her assets many successful collaborations with many famous names in the field, while she was quickly recognized by a large portion of the audience. She has traveled a lot in her life due to her professional activities, while in recent years she has been living permanently in Thessaloniki.
At the same time, she almost never left her great love for painting, where even from time to time she has caused a stir on social networks to the general public with her creations. Some of her works have reached the other side of the world.
One of her great loves is psychology and she has attended seminars on it. However, for several years the only books he read were on psychology.
In addition, he deals with graphic art and the creation and editing of videos and images, while he has attended seminars on creative writing and text editing.
In 2016, completely by accident, writing came into her life, but she always remembered herself writing. She started publishing her stories on a global online writing platform and quickly became known to the audience of the application, since her diversity and diligent work, fascinated a very large portion of him.
As she states, she is artistic in nature and does not stop, with any skill, to express her creativity. He loves to laugh and make jokes and hates misery. Her motto: “The world is my idea” by Arthur Schopenhauer, expresses it, since she loves to create her own worlds but also to share them, now with others.
In 2020, the first book of the largest Greek series (octology) was published by our publications, bearing her signature. A Breath – “You can live without Breath”, entered the list of well-known internet site in the 20 best novels of 2020, and became the best-selling book of our publishing house for the same year, which is now published in a second edition. With over 50 main characters and over 60 parallel stories, this is the most versatile Greek series, which brought over 130,000 comments when it was published on the world platform, a record for Greek data.

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