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Hunters of life, the romantic adventure that was posted, read and loved in the form of Wattpad, finally came into my hands in its printed form! 509 enjoyable pages full of hatred, frantic passion, intensity, mystery, agony, clearing accounts, revenge! , adrenaline with full throttles. The writing is hard, raw, realistic, just as befits these stories, launches the libido to the heights and aims directly at the heart of the reader! There is no time to militarize the mind! Thoughts, plans, complex and unwanted emotions are visible from the first page. Definitely not one of the tender and romantic love stories, on the contrary it is one of the darkest! If you are looking for something tender, FORGET IT! The dynamic and lonely Valentine with the secret identity and well hidden her past .. .Independence and freedom her first concern! Second forgotten concern: The feeling of being useful to someone, of loving and bonding with someone! This forgotten feeling is revived when the lovable Rochelle is on her way! The inaccessible and despotic Killian, Rochelle’s brother, has forgotten all human emotion! In his mind there is only the thirst for power and a well-made plan of revenge. Two determined and strong characters, two savages so alike, that they have never learned to lose. Difficult to coexist, from the first moment they feel a strong aversion for each other! Confident in themselves they try to fight every emotion. Ambitions, fears and abuse of power have shaped their characters, their lives, their priorities. The poisonous arrows of love do not take long to appear. they are carried away by passion! The presence of one awakens the senses of the other, but at the same time deprives them of prudence and strength to fulfill their goal! They awaken senses that are imprisoned in the depths of their soul. But suddenly the magic is lost, forbidden secrets surface and are back to the beginning..There is no future for them, there is no forgiveness! There is pain and forbidden passion! By logic they are where they want to be, where they need to be, in their goal, any other emotion derailing their plans.

Wounded silences, hidden anger, betrayal, unrelenting selfishness, are constantly in front of them, with the result that heart and mind fight at a crazy pace and remain there until the redemptive end!

Lena Papanikolaou


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