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Tell us a few words about your new book and its heroes. Was there anyone who made it difficult for you?

The story of the book is woven by two diametrically opposed characters. So at least it shows in the beginning as as their company evolves in the trips they make, the past comes to the surface and there we can see common ground. I love the extremes and I really believe that they are attracted, but the most admirable is the result when they meet and introduce themselves together in love. The story is just that. Through the pages of the book we will see many small miracles sometimes coming to life from emotions such as love and sometimes like fear. But beyond the main heroes that each has to give us something deep from his soul and remarkable from his character , there is a whole hug of people that surrounds them and I consider them very important in the role they play in history. If I gave a title to everyone I would use words like Friendship, Consciousness, Help, Strength, Courage. Everything I think we need. To be honest, my heroes made it just as difficult for me. I had to move emotionally from one to the other and at the same time use logic so as not to spoil their authenticity. I had to live with them whenever possible and try to understand them since I have never really met people like them. It was quite difficult but absolutely fascinating.

How do you feel about one of your books finding its way to publication?

I wish I could describe it in words exactly how I feel. But I will try. I think the feeling is a bit like that of Rose when she met Sky. She timidly raised her eyes to him and her heart leaped like a small naughty child.

At what age did your relationship with writing begin? Was it a moment decision or a life dream? Writing and I have no past. My story with her is very recent. It started exactly on the day I started my first story called ‘The Error’ and published it. One can look at my page and find out that I was born a year and seven months ago. I’m not a gifted kid who has been filling pages since I can remember and my mom and dad used to brag about me. I was just good at the show and I think the two are by no means connected. My decision to write has to do with a part of my general attitude towards life. No one knows their potential and in order to be lucky enough to discover some of them, they have to try as many things as they can. This is exactly what I did with writing, as well as with other activities that I do from time to time. We all hide a rich and unique world inside us, and if we do not go on a treasure hunt we will never find it. And somehow, through a decision of the moment, the biggest dreams of our life are born.

How long did it take you to complete it? Its title is a bit different from the usual ones, how did you come up with it?

The truth is that I do not remember exactly how long it took me to complete it. I tend to get lost in stories and music when I write and I don’t care about the time that passes me by. Not that I do not respect him but when I am busy I do not want anyone to bother me. Neither does he. However, to give a picture, I put an end to the story within a few months of its inception. Indeed the title could be described as different, but to me Ki But is an expression of hope if used in good faith. When I say it or write it, I feel like I am referring to an achievement or a miracle every time. It was not difficult to choose him since I knew exactly what I wanted the message of my story to be. Sometimes I have to admit that I am inspired by the titles and I click on them to give life to my fairy tale. I also believe that small words hide in them incredible power. For example, -Yes- and – No- are a stalia. And yet … you have to think carefully before giving them as an answer.

What prompted you to start this story?

All my stories focus on love. Everything circles around her until she surrenders to her majesty. The way I feel, understand and believe it is my criteria for writing. What I want to say is that love is like the wind that tangles in your hair but is not imprisoned in your control. It invades you and transforms you. For me, love is worthy of everyone and belongs to everyone. It does not work like humans. In other words, she is not a racist and does not distinguish anyone on the basis of their social status, education, appearance or nationality and many others that we ordinary mortals prioritize. She’s fair, as long as you treat her right. This particular story is one of the wonders of love in all its forms. Different ordinary people meet her and experience her in depth. They are left in her hands. People who have made mistakes. Tough people, often capricious and sometimes distant and misunderstood. People who do not fit most of us. And yet … love that does not wear blinders, that does not judge so easily, chooses them and guides them. But beyond the strong emotion that moves my hand, it is also the way my heroes live. Let’s say that I always secretly envied those who managed to remain carefree. The freedom that I often crave has led me to create a story in her name. My heroes are like birds flying from place to place. And who would not want to travel for a while knowing new places beyond the stressful microcosm he has built around him? Nietzsche had said that freedom is the will to be responsible for oneself and I believe that he is really right because most of what we live in today are obligations and not true free choices.

You started writing through the Wattpad form. This book was first read from there and after its completion took the road of publication. Have you regretted it? What were the pros and cons when uploading your story to Wattpad and what were the cons? Would you suggest someone now to start from there?

If I said I regretted it I would be ungrateful. But everything has to do with the personal needs of everyone. The reasons he implements an idea and the ways he chooses to do it. For me, the publication of the book through the application clearly had positive results. And not just the one that was loved relatively quickly but generally speaking. I first met new and remarkable people, many of whom I later met and now I can call them friends. Then this way helped me dig up one of those little treasures I mentioned above and I did not know was hidden inside me. I found allies in emotion and exchanged views that made me think and made me better. I entered new processes by testing myself and left my personal mark. Also the acceptance of the story seems to some extent as an evaluation as it is offered to a wide range of readers of different ages who can express themselves freely and directly. Of course, there are things in all this that I do not consider positive but I do not classify them as negative, they just are not for me. I felt the despair of people and their need to be fooled by fictional stories to break out. I saw them identify too much and get carried away exposing themselves. I want to say that reading, even if it has to do with a simple ad to a book, should open our horizons and expand our perspective on many topics. The text should be our interlocutor and we should try to collect the positives from this relationship, otherwise the book becomes an atoning victim of our daily life and we dig up old disputes. So if someone wants to write starting from the application, I will tell them to do it after first deciding the reason. If he aims for success, attracting people and immediate recognition then he is going in the wrong direction. Writing has nothing to do with any of these. Writing is our soul and its depiction in words is not followed by rules, it has no recipes and magic tricks. So I would advise someone to just write and publish their effort forgetting everything else and especially the competition. To set himself free without being influenced and to become his best and strictest reader. Just write. Write with your heart!

What element fascinates you and keeps you captive in a book? Tell us a book you love and you can never leave.

Each species has its own elements that, if placed correctly, can pique interest. Personally, I can not stand the endless descriptions that fill the pages unnecessarily. I am fascinated by the rapid developments that do not let me breathe and I am captivated by the feeling that springs in the appropriate doses. One book that I literally love is -Dear God-. Little Oscar moved me and despite the fact that he is a child he taught me the way I should see life. It is a small diamond written simply that has given strength to the words. Invaluable!

What do you think a book should have to be loved by the public and what not?

Reading a book is a matter of interpretation and of course the reader’s psychology plays an important role. But beyond that, a book is its characters and for me they must be strong and different. To be people we do not meet easily and for their story to take us with it. Personally, I believe that not many ornaments are needed in a book, but a real meaning that in the end will give food for thought so that it is not forgotten by the reader when he catches the next one in his hands. I recently finished one whose story was terribly simple and I had seen, read or heard it several times in the past. But I will not forget this book because it was written like a children’s diary. Words placed next to each other with dots between them, as if the child was in a hurry to write them down on paper so that he would not forget any of them. And when you finished the paragraph you could not believe how loud your heart was beating. It conveyed a multitude of emotions to you. I finished it in a few hours and it found its place inside me. So a book must first of all have the love of the author and in my opinion not give an explanation of everything, in order to allow me to give my own interpretation where needed. This element can open topics for discussion among readers and immediately make the book the center of interest for many people.

Which quote represents you?

I could talk for hours about the quotes I love as I believe they are small paths that can lead us to better paths. But I will bow to Nikos Kazantzakis. ‘Our life is a lightning … but we manage’

In closing, tell us a few words about Eo! What is her daily routine? Do you believe in the Happy end? What does he consider absolute happiness?

My daily routine is a classic routine and I try to resist it by leaving the standard program. In addition to my work that stubbornly consumes some of my hours during the day, I make sure to dedicate time to creation. I like to paint, make jewelry from cheap materials and write. I love movies and I can spend a whole day watching one after the other. I do not forget to see my nephew, to hug him and kiss him. The moments with good friends, invaluable value but also those of loneliness that I often choose. If man manages to have a good time with himself then he can with everyone else. Humor, one of the most important criteria for those I put in my life. Even if it’s the only thing on their resume, I choose them. But surely my life would not be of any interest if it became a book and I am very happy about that. I want a happy ending but I believe more in the fair ends which are often not happy. Justice is a principle that should become a state and reign. Then the happy ends would be more frequent. Absolute happiness. I believe that happiness should not be divided into steps. It is one, unique and is within us. We often neglect it but it is always there. He wakes up with simple things that we usually do not pay much attention to. Happiness is the people who love us and we love. The peace of our soul and the actions that harmonize with what we believe. Happiness is a glass of wine and fire in the fireplace. The laughter of the children, the family tables and the pets that wag their tails when they see you. I could look around and talk about happiness in endless things. Simply, happiness is … everywhere! Thank you very much for this beautiful, extraordinary discussion! We wish you a good trip! You can read my opinion about “KI OMOS” hereKi however – Io Avgeri -‘ApisLena Papanikolaou


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