Interview with the author Aglaia Klironomou

On the occasion of the one-year release of the book Attraction of Parallels, you will get to know our author Aglaia Klironomou better.

-One year closes from the release of your book Attraction of Parallels and the journey continues. How different was this year for you from the moment you took your first publishing step?

One year … It seems unbelievable to me!

The truth is that it was a very special year for the whole world that passed and my joy eased a little. I had imagined things quite differently. I wanted to have more contact with the readers who honored me by buying my book, but circumstances did not allow me to do so. I feel great joy and gratitude and I feel incredibly lucky that under these circumstances, I managed to realize a dream of mine.

Nothing has changed in my daily life. I changed a bit and started taking writing more seriously, taking some lessons and reading a lot more books, in an effort to improve my writing.

-Lydia and Alkis. They experience a different attraction. What is the reason for sketching these characters? Which points of their character attract or repel you?

There was no specific reason for this story. Just one afternoon I started writing and a story started to appear that did not resemble anything I had written up to that point. A story that challenged me and I wanted to see it complete. There were times when I was afraid that it would never be completed, since its particularity was very difficult for me, but there was always this “something” that gave me the impetus to continue and complete it. There was of course the fear that he could easily escape, as I was trying to balance on two boats, as my grandmother would say. I had to be able to bring a balance between reality and fantasy and it was quite difficult. From the comments I receive, it seems that I did it and that makes me happy.

In Lydia I loved very much her strength and her ability to claim what she needed even when everyone treated her like she was crazy. I can not even imagine how difficult it is to experience such a loss at such a young age and manage to stand on your own two feet, even if like a crutch there is a person who does not even know if it is real or a figment of your imagination and not go crazy .

In Alkis I loved this part of him that some characterized as immaturity. He was the one who put the most obstacles in this relationship, but also the one who just decided that he was ready, as ready as he could be, he decided to risk everything to find her. He did not think that she was in a relationship, something that to many seemed arrogant.

I do not think there was a feature that repelled me. I may have been a little annoyed by their jealousy which was absurd, but will you tell me that there was nothing logical in their relationship, so how could this characteristic of theirs be normal?

-Your greatest love is …….

My husband! He is a man of incredible patience, standing by me for more than half of my life, a man I respect and admire unconditionally. It’s my other half. My guardian angel.

-The dream of your life is …..

To be able to publish as many of my stories as possible and to be loved by the readers as much as the Attraction of Parallels was loved.

-Your two most basic strengths and weaknesses are ….

Only two?

I am very selfish and I get disappointed very easily, because I think that everyone thinks like me.

Advantages? Maybe we should ask those who know me to tell us this.

-What do you think are the components of a balanced human relationship?

Respect, patience and understanding.

-What are your future plans and if you are preparing a new project?

I have no specific plans that I could announce. There is already ready material that is in the correction phase and which I hope will soon be ready to find its way to release. What I can say with certainty is that with the Attraction of Parallels the first step in the field of books was taken and many more will follow, just as loudly, if not more.


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