Bookstores, for many of us, are places where we spend a lot of time when we come across them. Book lovers are often lost in the smells of books, we flip through them and respect them as if they were precious treasures. And for those of us who love books, it’s because they have the magical ability to travel. When a book is good you get lost in its words, you love its protagonists and, in many cases, you want to live in the places they stepped on, to experience what they are. Today we have a conversation with Despina Sourkouni, owner of one of the most successful bookstores in Cyprus. The D.E.S. BOOKWORLD, is what the word says: a world of the book. Warm environment, prompt service, something that the reader realizes from the first moment he sees his owner, always willing to help him and suggest the book that he thinks he will like. How long has your bookstore been operating and how was it created? Our bookstore has been operating for 5 years. The idea started after we opened our first PC store, we thought of expanding to the bookstore because of my great love for books and the lack of a proper bookstore in the area (when I say right, not to be misunderstood, I mean a bookstore with books ). · What is your relationship with books? Did the existence of the bookstore affect you in terms of books or did you love them from the beginning? My relationship with books … Long-term relationship of passion and love! Ever since I can remember, I remember reading. At school when we were dealing with literature, I just smiled. I love books, I love to travel to other worlds. So the existence of the bookstore, just completed this relationship. It is said that the e-book and the digital book in general, in a few years may replace, to a large extent, the printed form. Do you think this belief is true? Could the printed book ever be replaced? The printed book can not be replaced! I believe that the e-book is a necessary substitute that can never take the place of the printed book. · How much do you think there is competition in the book industry? There is competition in the field of books as in all professional areas and I will leave it here … I prefer the romantic idea that I had in mind before entering the field professionally. · What do you think D.E.S. BOOKWORLD to stand out? The D.E.S. I think BOOKWORLD stands out because it is exactly what it describes: the world of books, my own world, starring only books and my love for them. Respect for authors for their soul deposit, respect for publishers who work passionately to bring books to the world. Love and respect only. How much has the Covid-19 situation affected you personally and to what extent has it affected your business? The situation with the pandemic has affected us negatively, but also positively I can say. Positive because due to the inclusion, many people turned to the book, many found the time to read, while before they did not have it. Negative now, they are all “economic in nature” … It is very difficult for a small business to survive in the current economic conditions. But as the song says: I AM STILL HERE and I fight it as much as I can! What kind of books do you personally prefer? I personally usually read detective and fiction literature, but in general I can read everything as long as it keeps my interest. I want strong readings.   · Which category of books do you consider to have the most traffic in Cyprus? From my own experience I consider that the erotic and social novel holds the first place! · In your estimation as an entrepreneur, which category of books do you think needs more development in Greece and Cyprus? Although there has been a growing trend in recent years, I think we would need more representatives in the psychological thriller and fiction. · Your five favorite books? I love Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Acotar, One Breath and many more … I can only end up with 5, since I still have a lot to read. Do you think that the book space in Greece and Cyprus should be updated regularly? What do you think about young writers? Do you prefer new creators? Do your readers prefer well-known authors as a certainty or not? I personally love reading young writers and my bookstore stars books by young people in the field. I discovered many diamonds! My clients trust me because they know that I always offer them what they need. Of course, even the most famous Greek writers have a lot to give, but the space must be renewed with fresh ideas and perspectives. · What is the greatest reward for working? anyone in a bookstore? The biggest reward … Apart from the wonderful smell of the books, apart from the magic you feel while being among the books, for me it is very important when I see the satisfaction in the eyes of my clients, because I found what suits them. The joy in the eyes of young creators when they see their work in the bookstore and my own joy because I met and know wonderful people in this field.   · What would you like to see change in the book space? I would like the status quo to change a bit, that is, to give more opportunities to new creators. Many publishers do not dare to publish the work of young writers and this makes me unimaginably sad. Even many of the big bookstores do not put books by new authors on their shelves. · What are your future plans? My future plans? At the moment we are trying to get through the storm of the pandemic, but after that I want to create a space in the area where I live, where there will be book presentations and reading clubs. On a personal level, at the first opportunity I will come to Greece to meet all my favorite collaborators and creators! Thank you for the nice chat! For Cyprus, all our books are in the D.E.S. BOOKWORLD, and you can contact the following phone number for direct orders (for the whole of Cyprus). Alternatively, you can visit it by taking a walk in Paralimni, Agiou Dimitriou, 146. Alternatively, you can visit the bookstore Facebook page by clicking the link: D.E.S. BOOKWORLD

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