Happy new year

If you are reading this article, we would like to thank you for being a member of the Maradel Books family and for being with us all these years.

In the three or so years of its operation, our publishing house has managed to trust and be trusted by young and old, writers, and to present you beautiful and unique readings.

Mistakes happen, they are also in the program, but mistakes make us better and help us evolve. So Maradel Books, in its short course in the field, managed to stand with dignity and ethos near you, constantly looking for ways that will bring us and will bring you closer. It has built a solid foundation for a solid course and has created collaborations with respect – hence why even more writers show their trust in us.

Last year was even better than the previous ones and we could not miss that. The people of the book who trusted us even more and opened their arms to us, seeing the way we move now, made us very happy. We looked for ways and solutions of optimization, we went one step further and we were right. Our publishing house has been recognized by many as one of the fastest growing publishing houses and this is the trigger to continue striving for the best.

The new year brings Maradel Books more prepared. Aim, one step further, more improvement and readings that we know will be loved. Through the small, steady steps of previous years, we can admit that we are moving forward relentlessly and with greater appetite.

A year full of love for books is over. A new one has arrived, and Maradel Books promises a strong new year, with many surprises, events and happenings that we believe will be unforgettable. We are even happier for this new year and you will find out in time why.

Have a good and creative year. Health, love, prosperity and happy moments with those you love, whatever the word “happiness” means for each individual.

Thank you once again for your support and love. Always be well.

Sincerely, Maradel Books.


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