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Curriculum vitae: Pinaka Thomas was born in 1988 in Katerini, Pieria and lives in Skotina, Pieria. She is married and has a son. He has studied Counseling, Psychology and Life Coaching. He has specialized in Child Psychology-Child Psychiatry and has attended numerous seminars in the field of psychology. In her free time she writes lyrics. Cougars is her first complete project. He wanted to show through this how easy it is for people to judge others even if they do not know what prompted them to specific behaviors.

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cougars - Interview with Thomas Painting - Maradel Books

cougars – Interview with Thomas Painting – Maradel Books

In New York in 2018, a sudden death changes the worldview of four women. Naomi Johnson, a dynamic lawyer. A passionate woman, who has not learned to lose. Rene Pete, a doctor by profession and the “shame of Hippocrates” according to her girlfriends. The “lively” of the company smokes, drinks and loves Junk food. Alicia Cooper, maintains the best gym in town. She is the logic and the voice of conscience, the hours when she is not anxiously looking to find her prince. Rebecca Lee, conservative and typologist. Nevertheless, she is an elegant and impressive woman who loves her husband of 15 years. What will happen when four younger men invade their lives? Will they bend their suspensions and their propriety? How will the company manage a pregnancy that lasted 17 whole years, a professional scandal, a sexual abuse and an illness?

To get a little into the meaning … To explore the author in the written text and to approach “COUGARS”

When I started writing Cougars I did it purely for myself. I did not intend to publish it and maybe that is why I left myself to my writing without second thoughts like, if the reader will like it, if he will judge me for its subject matter or whatever. I thought I would love to talk about love but not in the classic sense. Through my story, I wanted to touch on issues that we avoid talking about or that when we talk hurt us, sexual abuse, the difficulty of fertilization, the age difference in relationships, diseases, etc. I do not know if I managed to touch them successfully but rest assured how I did it with absolute respect. There were times when I felt like I was not writing … on the contrary, the work unfolded on its own. I wanted to emphasize through this book how we should not judge the people around us without knowing their history and what led them to their actions for the simple reason that at some point we can do what we judge ourselves. When I finished the book, I felt weird..I was glad I had finished it but on the other hand I had the feeling of loss, like when you are on vacation and you get back home again. I know how it could be bigger, but I consciously chose its size, I did not want to mix the same things and tire the reader. I loved my heroines and it was hard for me to leave them … Who would not want to be a member of such a company? To have your girlfriend, the dynamic Naomi, the scherzo Rene, the dreamy Alicia but also the conservative Rebecca.

Why did you choose this title? How does the title relate to the story of your heroes?

We are talking about the story of four women who will meet four younger men and shake up their worldview so far. So, I came up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

The story of the book is that the four women live intense love … What does love mean to you and How important is it in your life?

Love eh? So for me who is by nature romantic love is a driving force. This power has the way either to make you in the seventh heaven, or to send you at once to the bottom. I think he should not scare us as long as we have the wisdom to limit him when we see how he is going to hurt us. Love plays an important role in my life, it is a source of inspiration for me.

Usually the authors put a lot of autobiographical information in their first book. Are there your own experiences in your book?

In my case I think the only autobiographical element is Alicia’s feelings when she learns how sick she is, because I have spent 10 years with serious health problems and she.

Which of your heroines has the highest percentage of your own psychosynthesis? None … but they all have some elements of my character, which of course I will not reveal to you …

From the presentation of the book - Cougars

From the presentation of the book – Cougars

Who is reading your book for the first time or some of its first pages from your familiar environment? Do you accept any criticism of him and influenced by it do you rush to correct any of his remarks-if they exist or are you immobile in what you have written?

Cougars was read first by my sister and then by my cousin … I did not intend to publish it, I just wanted them to tell me their opinion. They made any remarks to me and I where I thought I needed to correct it. When it was over, they both told me how I should look for it and publish it because it was worth it, so I did …

What adjectives would you use to describe Cou “Cougars”? The adjectives that characterize Cougars for me are different, erotic and true

What kind of literature could you never write or read? Tell us about your favorite book. I could never write science fiction, it’s the kind I do not read often. Unfortunately I can not single out any book, every author puts his soul into it.

What do you think is the magic recipe that must exist in a book to be able to touch a reader’s heart? I do not think there is a magic recipe … I think that as long as you are real!

Next book. Four women … What is different and what will it have in common with “Cougars”? Yes, the next book is about four women and that’s the end of the Cougars. In my new book we are in Greece in 2019 … The truth is that in every book I want to pass social messages, the same will happen to this. I’m far behind due to health problems but I’m returning dynamically.

Thank you very much for the nice interview

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