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Christina Michelaki

Christina Michelaki was born in Heraklion, Crete. She is married and the mother of a boy. She has studied Culinary Technician but her great love for books was what finally won her over. An avid reader, she can read everything as long as it contains a good and dynamic story. She especially loves fantasy books, which have a special place in her heart. Her inexhaustible love for books, pushed her to become a co-founder together with, Vasiliki Bouza and Chrysi-Sisi Angelidou, of the website aisthisis.gr.
Texts can be found on Wattpad, bluez.gr and aisthisi.gr.

The Stars of Destiny, Private Edition (2015)

Short stories
“The Others”, anthology The Awakening, Universal Paths publications, (2016)
“The Guard”, “Vlad III Pockets” anthology Darkness, Universal Paths publications (2017)
“The revenge of the Raemians”, anthology Legends of the Universe VI, published Universal Routes (2017)
“The Witch of Salem”, “Blair Witch”, anthology Magic Dances, Universal Paths publications (2018)

Fb: Xristina Michelaki
Email: christinamichelaki@outlook.com


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