The Sky i have dreamed my Sky!A Rose blooms under the blue Sky!The Sky we all have dreamed our Sky!

You read and it hurts you read and you feel you read and you live every minute! You become part of the wonderful company. A book hymn to friendship and love. Deeply human with wrong passions, weaknesses and dark secrets that unfold slowly in front of you. A text that literally enchants even the most demanding reader. not the heroes! The psychosynthesis of the heroes is simply unique! I loved Rose as the heroes of the book loved her! She came into their lives and changed EVERYTHING. I loved Sky for his wonderful character A unique hero, an unforgettable hero! They will live forever in my mind. Rose and Sky or do I have to write Sky and Rose? As you can see it is the same two souls in one.

The Sky i have dreamed my Sky!A Rose blooms under the blue Sky


“The veils of the night had covered the creature and he threw his eyes on the ground. In the remnants of his act. An eerie style that frightened all demons and extinguished the fires of hell. He believed that, in the end, that weight that was crushing his chest would go away, but that had crushed him. He looked up and went out. He grabbed the bag that was thrown in the trunk and disappeared. “Sky’s past remains unknown to many. It is what drove him to flee, abandoning what he had built with difficulty. And he found himself traveling, meeting people like him, fugitives from life. What he can not forget, what he can not bear to articulate and what he stopped feeling, are written in a worn-out scrap of a newspaper, which he always keeps with him. His name has a history. His lost smile, his locked heart and his wild face have an excuse. “The sun was playing, throwing its rays all the time. But she did not need his light to live. A glow in itself and those who saw her enjoying her morning walk, described her as an angelic female. Until fear shattered the image into a thousand pieces. ”Rose is an orphan girl who survives on the dangerous streets of America. Many know its history, but few know the truth. Her blue eyes, the means to pierce the Daedalus of souls. Her smile, like a red blur and her pure heart, the most powerful weapon. But what happens when a rose meets the leaden sky? Can love, goodness and courage defeat evil? Can life have two sides? And yet …

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