About the Author

Aglaia Klironomou

I was born in Athens, in August 1975, to a Kefalonian father and a Cretan mother. An only child, with a strong imagination keeping me company, at some point I discovered the magical world of books and made my heroes friends. Shortly before I finished school, I met the man who was to become my wife a few years later, ٠ who tolerates madness In an attempt to do something more practical, accounting came into my life for a while, but as expected, the meagerness of the numbers did not seem to hold me back. I have been active in the private sector for a long time and a few years ago, in my need to express myself, I discovered that I can write. The positive comments of my friends and those around me, encouraged me to continue and since then I started to create my own worlds. My stories are hosted on an online platform and I am now happy to say that they have stable and enthusiastic readers, that with their love, they opened the way for me to publish.


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